John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research

The John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research focuses on research and education in rehabilitation and injury-related disability.

Our centre is part of the University of Sydney and the Kolling Institute, and our team has broad experience across a range of disciplines.

Our primary goals are to:

  • Generate new knowledge to improve health outcomes for people with injury related disability
  • Promote links with the research community, partner organisations, patient advocacy groups and non-government organisations, to support the effective transfer of research outcomes into health policy
  • Improve clinical care for people with injury-related disability and translate research outcomes into clinical practice.

The centre, which was formerly the Rehabilitation Studies Unit, receives major financial support from the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority and NSW icare Lifetime Care.

Professor Ian Cameron Professor Ian Cameron

Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Senior Staff Specialist Northern Sydney Local Health District

Professor Ashley Craig

Senior Researcher

Professor Lisa Harvey

Senior Researcher

Professor James Middleton

Senior Researcher

Associate Professor Grahame Simpson

Senior Researcher

Emerita Professor Robyn Tate

Emeritus Professor

Associate Professor Joanne Glinsky

Postdoctoral Researcher

Professor Trudy Rebbeck

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr Mohit Arora

Postdoctoral Researcher

Mariette Le Roux – Centre Program Manager

Dr Barbara Lucas - Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Dianah Rodrigues - Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Candice McBain - Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Chris Papic - Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Liz Gill - Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Kathryn Anne Sinnott Jerram - Postdoctorate Researcher

Dr Annette Kifley - Statistician

Dr Ilaria Pozzato - Research Assistant / PhD Student

Janet Doubleday - Project Manager

Ching Yung - Research Assistant

Michaela Filipcikova - Research Assistant

Karishma Rajan - Research Assistant

Jacob Schoffl – PhD Student

Hannah Withers - Research Assistant/PhD Student

Jackie Chu - Research Assistant/PhD Student

Louise Kelly - Research Assistant/PhD Student

Lydia Chen - Research Assistant/PhD Student

Keira Tranter - PhD Student

Maria Ben - PhD Student

Danielle Sandalic - PhD Student

Daniel Myles – Research Assistant

Rowan Hayes - Honorary Research Fellow

Elham Vafa - Research Assistant 

Katherine Brown - Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ana Paula De Moura Campos Carvalho Silva - Postdoctoral Research Associate

John Bourke - Research Fellow

Simon Olivotto - PhD Student 

Gabriel Ribeiro de Freitas - Visiting Research Student

Our projects cover five areas:

  • severe traumatic brain injury
  • spinal cord injury
  • musculoskeletal injury
  • psychosocial health after injury
  • disability (including ageing)

Rehabilitation related information

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